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     Nira Narasinhpur which is situated in Pune District . It is nearly 35 km. away from its Tahsil Place(Kendra) Indapur. It is the last village of Pune District towards the South-East.
There are Two Rivers flowing by this pretty, small village from one side, there is Nira river and from other side of the village, there is a confluence of both these rivers.
     Many people from all over the Maharashtra as well as from all neighbouring states such as Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andrapradesh as well as from the ”Family diets” and many people don’t but still they came here only for the sake of God Narasinh and this enchanting place. They wanted to visit this place, take the “Darshna” of God Narsinha and wants a peaceful as well as prosperous life ahead.
There is also scientific importance about the place Nira-Narasinhpur. The Scientists had studied about this area and it is said that Nira-Narsinhpur is the Middle Place of the Earth. There are many scientific evidences about that This is one of the geographic thruth which also attracted many people to visit Nira-Narsinhpur.
     There are many evidences that this holy place his a very long history. It is also very famous religious place in the ancient times too.We have an evidence that in the past Lord Ramchandra started his holy yatrays after killing Ravana. Muni Aagasti told him the complete the yatras, so he decided to start it from Nira-Narasinhpur.
     It is guiet and very beautiful religious place, so many Munis and Devotee’s came here for penance. It is said that Maharshi Vayas also stayed here for some time.It is also the family Diety of the Emperor of very famous vijayanagar and they keep it very safe.There are also some strong evidences available which shows that twice “Swami Samarth Ramdas” visited to Nira-Narsinhpur around the year of 1553, when he and his followers wants to go to Pali from Pandharpur. They came here and performed they Pooja’s in Nira-Narasinhpur.
     The Ghat on the confluence of river Nira and Bhima was completed in 1527. The Ghat is in the Egg shaped which was built by Trimalapal Dhadhji Modhoji. It took three long years for complishion.
In the year of 1787 Raghunathrao Vinchurkar completed the Renewal of this beautiful Temple.
Temple of Lord Narasinha
     The Temple of Lord Narasinha is very Majestic and Large. It is high above the genereal ground level.  It is also high above the other houses in the village. It is also high above the other houses in the villages. It is one of the Fine example of architecture of the Era of Peshva. The Temple is surrounded the big and strong fortification of the stones. The sanctum of the Temple and infront of the Temple is also made of Black Stone.   
     The design of the stone pillar is very different as well as unique. They are carve on the stone very beautifully. There are carve on the stone very beautifully. There are Three Main Doors to the Temple to wards the East, the North and to wards the West side. To the East and West side doors one can see two big Elephants carved in the large stone, attracts and welcome the people.
     The West side door of the Temple looks very large attractive as well as very beautiful. There are 33 steps to climb to reach in the temple. There are two bastion of the two sides of the wall. There are two large stone carves Elephants carving. If looks like the main structure of the “Shanivarwada” in Pune.
The view of the front side from the west side door is very lovely one can see the beautifully flowing Nira river. Laxmi Ghat. Nirasinh Tirth and beautiful view of the sunset.
The beautiful Inner Sculpture
     The hight of the temple the confluence of river Nira and Bhima the structure, the carving in the stone is very elegan and impressive.
     The inner sculpture of the temple is very unique. The carving on the stone as well as on the wooden in the temple is beautiful In the Era where there are no modern equipments available, no crains, no electricity and no other facility available how the people of that Era completed all this massive and elegant work is the question still unsolved.
Idol of Lord Narasinha
     There are two idols of Lord Narsinha one is made by Pralhad. himself which is Lord Narasinha which is made of sand. The second one is Shyamraj which was made by Lord Bramhadev himself. It is made of the stone and much live the idol of Lord Narasinha.
Bhakt Pralhad

     It was said that there was Ashram ( Hermitage ) on the bank of river Bhima in the Nira-Narasinhapur Sati Kayadhu delivered here in the Ashram and Pralhad was born.
     At that time Pralhad made penance near the conflunce of river Nira and Bhima. He made an idol of the sand of Lord Narasinha and he devoted himself in Lord Narasinha.
    This Idol of Lord Narasinha which was made by Pralhad is now in the temple of Lord Narasinha. It is sits on the thrown. It’s face is towards the west. It is totally made of sand. It is in the situation of lap. The Right hand of the idol is on the right knee and left hand is on the wrist. It’s face looks like a lion. His chest is broad and eyes are also broad. It’s chest, face and wrist looks like as a Lion. But it’s hands as well as legs looks like a man.
Inner Temples
1) Shejghar ( sleeping Room ) – There is a sleeping room of Lord Narsinha in the main temple that is in the sanctum. There are two beds in the sleeping room. One is for Lord Narsinha and other one is for Lord Shyamraj.
2) Stambh Narasinha -- In the main temple, there is one massive stone pillar. On this pillar there is a scene of killing Hiranykashp by the Lord Narasinha. The feeling of anger on the face of Lord Narasinha is very pure.
3) Shri Laxmi Temple – Towards the left side of Lord Narasinha’s temple , one can see the small but very beautiful temple of Godess Laxmi. There is very lovely as well as attractive idol of Godess Laxmi which curved in the black stone
4) Bhakt Pralhad temple – In front pf the Lord Narasinha in the wooden Hall, there is a idol of Pralhad in a small temple. This idol is also made in the blck stone. It is a new idol which was made in 1718 by the Narsinha Vinchurkar. The idol of Pralhad is exactly infront of the Lord narasinha the Head of Pralhad idol is at the hight of the feet of Lord Narasinha Pralhad hands are closed near the chest and his eyes are half closed.
5) Chintamani ( Lord Ganesha ) – Near the temple of the Godess Laxmi there is a small temple of God Ganesha which is known as a “ Chintamani “ in this area. Tere is a small lump of Lord Shiva in this tiny temple.
6) Shree Dattatraya – Near the chintamnai temple there is a small and beautiful temple of Lord Dattatraya. This temple is also very ancient. The iodl of the Lord Dattatraya is in the form of white Marble.
7) Bhimashankar – To the right side of the God Lord Narasinha, there is small temple temple of Lord Shiva which is in the form of lump which is quitehigh and known as a Bhimashankar in this area the idol of Bhimashankar is made of stone.
8) Vitthal Rukmini – To wards the right side of the Bhimashankar there is a tiny temple of Lord Vitthal and Godess Rukmini the idols are made of stones which are very ancients as well as marvelous.
9) Raghvendra Swami ( Uttaradhimath ) – Towards the back side of the Vitthal-Rukmini temple ther is a small temple of Raghavendra Swami. Raghvendra Swami is consider as the incarnation on pralhad though the origin of the Raghvendra Swami “Mantralaya “ It is the penance of pralhad and that is why they think that this holy place is also a stay or a place of Raghvendra Swami that is why in 1850 they built a temple here.
10) Shaligram – Near the temple of Godess Shakambari there is a very large egg shaped stone which is known as a “Shaligram”
11) Tarati Narsinha – On the big platform of sones and in the widdle there is a tree which is called as “Tarati Tree” Beneath that tree there are four stone foot prinjts of Lord Narasinha one of them is very ancient and other three are also ancient. In the old temple of Lord Narasinha the idol of Lord Narasinha situated here.
12) Shakambhari – Towards the left side of Tarati Narasinha there is a small temple of Shakambhari. In the form of Eight hands the black stone idol of Godess Shakambhari is placed here. Though it is a small temple the idol attracts the people.
13) Kashi Vishweshwar – In the deep sanctum there is a lump of Lord Shiva in the smooth black stone in front of is there is a big Nandi curved in the big stone.
14) Kala ( Black ) Datta – Near the temple of the Kashi Vishweshvar, there is a small temple of Lord Dattatraya the idol of Lord Dattatraya the idol of Lord Dattatraya is made from the sand it’s colour is very black so it is called or known and famous as the kala (Black) Datta
15) Muhrat Ganapti – Near the temple of lord kala datta ,there is a small temple on a pillar ,which is known as the muhur at Ganapati . It is said that before start to built the temple they build this Lord Ganeshas Temple and they formed Lord Ganesha here.
16) Shree KalBhairav—Towards the East side door of the main temple ,this temple of Bhairava situated .The original place of bhairav is at Sonari.There are two idols of Lord Bhairav formed here.
17) Rameshwar—Towards the Left side of the temple of Lord Rameshwar.It is a small temple of Rameshwar.It is said that Lord Shiva lives at this place so there is no need to go to kasha for the people who lives in Nira-Narshinhpur

Big Gong
     It is situated at west door of the main temple.Behind the Pralhad temple towards the west door of Laxmi Narsinha temple,there is a very big Gong which create very sweet sound in the temple.The origin of this Gong is in the Church of rasai .It was used for the prayers in the Church.In the year of 1721 portugise made four big Gongs for Church.In the year of 1739 Pune’s Peshawa Chimaji Appa won the yesai and looted these four big big Gongs.Then they brought it to Pune and Peshwa decided to send it to various temple.so one of them was brought to Nira- Narsinhpur by Sadashiv Mankeshwar and installed here.
"This Gong is sounded on various occasion in the temple."
It is said that there was a person who name was Baba pahilwan,lived in the village who had immense power.It is also said that Baba Pahilwan pick-up this very big Gong with left hand and hooked it up with his only right hand in this temple.

Nira- Bhima confluence

        The both at the the confluence of river Nira and Bhima is very important.It is also mentioned in some religious books that the both at this confluence is equally important to take the both at Kashi because both rivers are very clean and tidy.Many people who visited Nira- Narsinhpur took the chance of the both here at the confluence of river Bhima and Nira.

        Both the rivers very clean water.It looks very beautiful in the Rainy season .when they both flow fully .the water level was raise at that time.Bhima is more broad than Nira. But Nira flows very swiftly than Bhima.The sand looks very different of both the rivers .The Bhima’s sand look more white and shiny than Nira.The sand of Nira is more blakish .Though it is more blackish it is also very shiny who attract the people 
in summer days.

        There are some characteristics of the Ghat on the confluence of river Nira and Bhima.This that is in the shape of egg .It is build all the stone.There are elephants idol on the steps while we climb up from the confluence as they are saluting to the people .There are also some idols of monkey  tiger,lion etc on the some steps.They look very beautiful and amazing in there present form.

        Dhadhoji Mudhoji built the Ghat on the confluence of river Nira and Bhima. He also built a very beautiful and also built a very beautiful and majestic temple on thi Ghat.It is called “solkhambi” because it is built on the total sixteen pillars of stones which looks very beautiful .Then are some small temples around this Ghat .They are Lord Shiva ,Lord Maruti and Lord Ganesha.There is a very old tree standing here from hundreds of year
Small Religious Places at Bank of River Nira

        If we came against the confluence of the river Nira and Bhima ,we will find many small Religious places  or temples at bank of river nira
1)Laxmi Tirtha
        This place is near the next door of main temple.It is beautifully built that of stones and also very lovely temple of Godess Laxmi.It is said that Godess Laxmi made a penance of this place to remove her ticklenss.
        It is said that if any one who took the holy bath on Friday here and worship  the goddess Laxmi will get benefit front it.This Laxmi that was built by woman rao Devrao Deshmukh
2)Padam Tirth
        Above the Laxmi tirth there is a Padam Tirth .To remove her fickleness Laxmi Godess made penance    here.After removing her fickleness .God Narsinha blessed her.The Padama in her hand falls at this place  and kuber also get the wealth at this very place.
3)Shankh Tirth
        The weapon of Lord Narasinha called Shankh lives here.also kuber got Shankh wealth at this place
4)Gada Tirth
        It is said that Lord Narasinha lives here in the form of the Gada
5)Pishachmochan Tirthà
        If someone wanted to get rid from there forefathers.They have to perform a ritual here called ‘Narayan –Nagbali also Tripindi Shradha and Kal-Sarpa Shanti’ .This is performed in only where places in all over the India at three places[ 1.Nira Narsinhapur , 2.Nashik , 3.Kashi(Varanasi) ].Many people all over the Maharashtra and neighbouring states gathered here to perform such rictuals
6) Garud Tirth
        It is said that an eagle made penance here and got emance power to him. After getting the power he made a war with God Vishnu.To see his all skills of war and power god
7) Narasinh Tirth
        After killing the Hiranya –Kashyapa Lord Narsinha stay here.It is very isolated place .There is a Ghat on the bank of river Nira.It is called “Narsinha Ghat” .above the ghat there is a temple of Lord Narasinha in the form of Rice. There are some rooms for the pilgrimage.There is also an idol of Lord Maruti.This construction was completed in 1777 and costly 121 rupees at that time.
8) Indra Tirth
        Lord Indra get rid from his sin after having bath here
9)Hans Tirth
        Lord Narsinha changes into the Hans (swan) to give the knowledge to Lord Brahma.
10)Tara Tirth
        At this place mahasati Tara made a penance and get rid her blessing from Lord Ramachandra.
11)Durvas Tirth
        After completed the penance Durvasa got knowledge here.
12)Kapil Tirth
        Kapil muni gave knowledge to other muni’s here.
Small Religious Places at Bank of River Bhima
1) Durga Tirth
            It is a small place towards the left side of the river Bhima. There is a small temple of Goddess Durga in the form of rice.Goddess is originally from kokan region .Here we can found a small temple of Lord Shiva.It is famous as a vimleshwar.

2)Koti Tirtha
           In this place many years ago,there was a Ashram of narada .It is said that they still lives here.It is also said that all the God and Goddess which are 33 crore are stay here and perform pooja to Lord Narasinha

3)Go Tirth
         In this very place cow coronation to Lord Narsinha herself.

4) Bhanu Tirth
         It is said that after the penance Lord suryanarayana  got knowledge at this place.

5) Chakra Tirth

6) Nad Tirth

7)Pash Tirth

8)Mousal Tirth